Ancillary Products

Product Features

  • Self adhesive joint tapes
  • D3 and D4 joint adhesive
  • Antibacterial self adhesive tape
  • Coating ‘touch up kits’
  • Fixings

Product Details

Trade Fabrication Systems offer a comprehensive range of ancillary products to complement the extensive selection of fabricated products. The range has been carefully chosen to provide a complete “system package” solution, particularly for floor films and coatings. It also extends to those essential extras required on every project, delivering a one-stop-shop solution for convenience.

TFS specialist products, such as peel clean floor system and floor coatings, have independent certification. These require the use of specific adhesives or tapes to satisfy performance within the scope of the testing. To assist customers to achieve the best results, TFS offer the correct specification of these ancillary products. Customers obtain the expected performance and complete peace of mind, without the hassle of sourcing these accessories elsewhere. Products include D3 and D4 joint adhesive plus, for peel clean floor system applications, self adhesive joint tape. Using the correct adhesives and tapes offers an enhanced level of reliability. For convenience, TFS offer these accessories as specialist kits or, if preferred, as individual items.

Ancillary products for every application

The TFS range of ancillary products extends much further than just those required to complete certified systems. Every application needs a variety of accessories. The range includes adhesive applicator guns, fixings, craft knives, gloves, face masks, safety glasses and hard hats. In fact, everything installers need to complete a project quickly and in full compliance with health and safety requirements. All items can be delivered to site at the same time as the fabricated products, for optimum convenience.

Other specialist products include antibacterial tapes for use with panels that have antibacterial film or coatings applied. TFS also offer waterproof adhesives and tapes, plus Class 0 tapes. These are specially designed for joints in applications where Class 0 surface spread of flame films are used. For floor coating projects, a handy touch up kit is offered. Whatever the requirement, TFS can supply the correct ancillary products to complete your project.

Typical Applications

  • Mezzanine Systems
  • House Building
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Commercial Flooring

Market Sectors

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