Antibacterial Film

Product Features

  • Durable tear resistant film
  • Rot and mould proof
  • Can be subjected to regular pressure washing
  • Complies with European food contact regulations
  • Contains no known hazardous substances
  • Reflects more than 96% of radiated energy
  • Virtually zero vapour transmission
  • Excellent light reflective properties can reduce lighting energy costs
  • Complementary Anti-Bac tape for all joints
  • Suitable for use on a range of substrates

Product Details

TFS antibacterial film is ideal for use in the food and agricultural industries. Infection and contamination have become an ever increasing issue within the food chain. It is advisable to take all possible measures to minimise the risk of bacterial contamination.

Antibacterial film is suitable for application to a wide range of substrates. This makes it ideal for wall, floor and ceiling construction. The film, which complies with European food contact regulations, is also designed to allow continual pressure washer cleaning. Surfaces with permanently bonded antibacterial film can therefore provide many years of easy to clean service. Antimicrobial properties continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew and fungi. Food factories, food preparation areas and agricultural premises, such as poultry and livestock buildings, all benefit from antibacterial film.

Tough, high performance antibacterial film

The film is independently certified for its antibacterial performance. But it is also durable, making it suitable for many more uses. Tough polymer construction makes the antibacterial film abrasion and scratch resistant, withstanding everyday wear and tear.  Consequently the antibacterial film may be used in clean rooms, medical packaging facilities, healthcare environments and food & beverage development areas. It is also highly suitable for the lining of packing cases and storage boxes for food products. In fact, any application where bacteria and mould growth needs to be inhibited, within a fast moving commercial environment.

Antibacterial film also has high reflectance characteristics. This offers practical as well as energy saving benefits. High light reflectance properties means that it may be possible to reduce lighting costs, using lower energy light sources. It is also highly effective at reflecting radiated energy. So, for example, the heating and cooling of poultry houses can be more efficiently controlled. To complete the full system approach, TFS can also supply antibacterial tape for the joints between panels, from its wide range of accessories and ancillary products.

Typical Applications

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Food Factories
  • Packing Cases
  • Food Storage Units

Market Sectors

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