Thermal Insulated Panels

Product Features

  • High quality factory bonding for consistent performance
  • Substrates include plasterboard, exterior grade building boards, Class 0 building boards, plywood and particleboard
  • Client choice of insulation thickness and type to suit the application
  • Available in small or large quantities

Product Details

Pre-bonded thermal insulated panels are the perfect time saving solution to compliance with the Building Regulations Part L. Legislation and ever increasing energy costs are a strong influence on change in the specification and usage of building products. Consequently, there is a wide variety of insulation products available with a broad range of performance characteristics. The common factor is that installing insulation requires labour. In response, Trade Fabrication Systems offer a bonding service to reduce on site labour, saving both time and money.

One board installation with thermal insulated panels

Technological advances has resulted in the development of high performance rigid insulation boards. These can reduce construction heights or thicknesses whilst delivering significantly improved levels of thermal performance. TFS offer a wide variety of these insulation materials factory bonded to an array of substrates. This includes plywood, particleboard, plasterboard and exterior grade construction boards. The combination not only ensures consistent thermal performance throughout the building. It also saves on labour time, by reducing the number of installation operations. This greatly speeds up the construction process, saving valuable time and reducing costs.

Easy to use on any project, large or small

Pre-bonded thermal insulation panels are easy to cut and install. They can also be provided with tongue and groove machined finish edges where required. The wide variety of options means that TFS thermal insulated panels can be fabricated for a vast array of projects. Applications include insulated floor systems, providing structural as well as thermal performance. Space saving insulated loft panels create a solid deck area and compliance with thermal building requirements. Insulated roof decking and wall panels offer a convenient, time saving alternative to using separate boards and insulation.

Thanks to TFS’s flexible manufacturing process, factory bonded thermal insulation panels can be fabricated in small or large quantity batches. So even small or domestic building projects can benefit from the time and cost saving benefits offered. Select your substrate and add your choice of insulation. This includes PIR, PUR or phenolic foam boards, extruded or expanded polystyrene (XPS/EPS) or rock fibre insulation. The choice is yours.

Typical Applications

  • Insulated Floor Systems
  • Insulated Loft Panels
  • Insulated Roof Decking
  • Soffit Liner Boards
  • Insulated Wall Panels

Market Sectors

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