Waterproof Film

Product Features

  • Permanently bonded film ensures lasting performance
  • Ideal for use with pressure washers
  • Suitable for Plywood, MDF, OSB, Particleboard and Cementitious substrates
  • Choose from a range of colours
  • Choice of vapour permeable and vapour proof film
  • Part of a system solution – waterproof glue and tape for joints available
  • Environmentally friendly recyclable film
  • Withstands a range of temperatures

Product Details

When the going gets tough, Trade Fabrication Systems waterproof film provides a high performance solution to the problem of water ingress. It is permanently bonded in the TFS factory for optimum consistency using high performance adhesive for complete peace of mind. The result is a high performance barrier for applications were the necessity for water resistance is paramount. The film is suitable for a wide range of substrates including plywood, MDF and particleboard.

The film is highly durable and therefore provides long lasting performance in an area of protection where failures can be costly. Waterproof film bonded panels also continue to provide protection in the horizontal plane, as well as vertical. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for any area that requires regular cleaning with pressure washers. From food production and agricultural use through to contamination wash-down rooms, the benefits are clear to see.

Environmentally friendly waterproof film

TFS waterproof film has high performance durability, yet also has excellent environmental credentials. An additional advantage includes the film being able to withstand a wide range of temperatures. This combination of water resistance and environmental performance permits use of the film in semi-exposed applications. Temperature controlled factories and portable buildings can benefit from the product’s practical properties.

Waterproof film is available in a range of colours to complement the design of the installation. In addition, colour is also ideal to differentiate waterproof areas. The film may also be cleverly combined with other decorative surface solutions available from TFS. The provision of a waterproof backing to panels with a high gloss or lacquered face prevents damaging moisture penetration. Film is available in standard or antibacterial grade, therefore providing outstanding performance in food production and clean areas. As with all other TFS products, waterproof film is offered as part of a full system solution for clients. Waterproof glue and tape are available for the joints.

In the ever changing environment in which we live, high performance TFS waterproof film provides a cost effective solution to a range of problems.

Typical Applications

  • Wall Panels
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Floor Panels
  • Trailer Floors

Market Sectors

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