Machining Services

Product Features

  • Saves time and money on site
  • Face routing and grooving
  • Precision panel edge machining
  • Tongue and groove
  • Cut to size machining
  • Acoustic Panel hole and slot designs
  • One-stop-shop service
  • Bespoke fabrication tailored to your project
  • Sanding
  • Door finishing – pre-cut hinge plates, locks, apertures and drop seals (consider having this as a separate page under machining services) 

Product Details

To complement project specific coatings and films, TFS also offer a complete range of machining services, including cut to size, tongue and grooving, routing and sanding. This comprehensive machining and profiling service saves you time and money on site by offering site ready fabrication. The machining services include the routing of sheet materials and composite panels. No mess or wasted time on site and minimal material waste.

The TFS machining services also include panel edge machining. Square edge panels can be quickly machined to a tongue and groove finish. This can greatly reduce lead times for some materials. Often square edge is held in stock locally, but tongue and groove versions are on extended delivery. Using our machining services can eliminate delays in the construction process, particularly for industrial flooring. A comprehensive edge profiling service is also available. All machining is carried out to close tolerances.

Machining services for finishes ready to use on site

Trade Fabrication Systems utilise the very latest machining equipment. Materials that can be fabricated include MDF, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), particleboard, plywood and cementitious boards. Whatever the application, the result is factory quality machined finishes ready for immediate use when delivered to site.

Face routing and grooving, or panel edge machining can be combined with other TFS services. Cut to size offers even more factory fabrication options. Machining of substrates with factory applied coatings or films further enhances the TFS “one-stop-shop” concept. Materials arrive on site ready to use and in pristine condition. This saves considerable time and money, eliminating re-works and wastage. TFS is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service. Speak to us about your requirements and we will offer a tailored solution, exclusive to your project.

Machining services for doors

Having made significant investment in state-of-the-art machinery, Trade Fabrication Systems can complete all door finishing off-site. From vision panels* to edging and banding, through to pre-cut hinge plates, locks, apertures and drop seals, all joinery works required for the installation of doors can be completed off-site. 

Wrapped and protected, doors are machined and delivered to site ready for immediate installation. For a complete off-site door solution, TFS can prime and finish coat the doors in any RAL colour, saving even more time on-site and improving finishing quality. 

*BWF Membership enables TFS to engage with Fully Certified Fire Door suppliers for machining and finishing 

Glazing must be installed on-site.

For more details, please call 01925 821199 or use our Enquiry Form.

Typical Applications

  • Mezzanine Systems
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Decorative Wall Panels
  • Retail Flooring

Market Sectors

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