Breather Membrane Panels

Product Features

  • Pre-bonded membrane to ensure consistent performance
  • Minimises air leakage thus improving thermal efficiency of the completed panels
  • Removes a labour operation and reduces waste
  • Cost effective - significant reduction in damage during transport and erection of panels
  • Available as moisture resistant barrier or vapour permeable
  • Available in standard or FR rated membrane
  • System installation includes use of self-adhesive weatherproof tape
  • Ideally suited to fixings free ‘bonded system’ - whereby the panels are ‘glued’ to the frame, which enhances racking strength and maintains the membrane integrity
  • Available on plywood or OSB

Product Details

Responding to increased demand for timber framed construction, TFS has pioneered the development of pre-bonded breather membrane panels. Timber frame construction has been one of the major success stories of the UK construction market. The method satisfies the essential requirements for speed, consistency, sustainability and thermal efficiency. However, without adequate provision framed wall construction can lead to damp in buildings. Penetrating damp and interstitial condensation can cause serious problems.

Trade Fabrication Systems has identified the needs of this sector and pioneered patent protected pre-bonded breather membrane panels. This innovative design ensures that application of the breather membrane does not affect the breathability of the panel. The breather membrane is water resistant but air permeable and is located on the cold side of an insulated wall. This prevents moisture that may have been driven through external cladding from penetrating further into the building’s structure. At the same time, the air permeability ensures that the internal compartments of the structure are ventilated. This avoids the build up of interstitial condensation, caused by moist air inside the building.

Breather membrane panels improve thermal efficiency

TFS pre-bonded breather membrane panels also offer a number of other advantages. Factory bonded membrane ensures the whole wall construction is protected, ensuring consistency of performance. Transit and storage damage is avoided and on site labour costs dramatically reduced. When combined with off site manufacturing, timber frame panels can be installed in a timely manner.

Pre-bonded panels help to improve thermal performance by offering a more effective barrier to air leakage. The water resistant properties also provide additional protection from the weather during construction. Breather membrane panels are available using either plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). A choice of either standard or fire retardant rated membrane can be applied to the substrate. To complete the system installation, TFS can also provide self adhesive weatherproof tape.

Typical Applications

  • Timber Frame Construction

Market Sectors

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