Domestic Floor Coatings

Product Features

  • Highly durable finish to provide a minimum of 42 days exposure to the elements
  • BBA Certification to verify performance
  • Use with exterior grade D4 adhesive to all joints to provide waterproof deck
  • Resistant to general wear and tear during build process
  • Ensures particleboard retains structural integrity
  • Available on particleboard, plywood, MDF and cement based boards

Product Details

TFS’s range of innovative domestic floor coatings is the perfect solution when speed of installation is paramount. The climate in the UK provides a challenge to even the most experienced house builder. It typically results in costly delays to the build programme. One solution is a factory applied coating, which creates a working platform that is durable, slip resistant and weatherproof.

Tradecoat PU heavy duty domestic floor coatings are extremely tough and hard wearing. They are designed to withstand intensive site traffic and protect against site spoil during construction. The combination of the permanent polyurethane coating and exterior grade D4 adhesive used during installation creates a waterproof deck. This can be exposed during the building process for a minimum of 42 days as certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification.

Domestic floor coatings to achieve a safe working platform

The demand for faster completion of house building projects means that weather related stoppages need to be minimised. TFS domestic floor coatings are textured to achieve a slip resistant surface, even in wet conditions. This contributes to improved site safety and a reliable working platform.

Installation of flooring panels with TFS domestic floor coatings is rapid and straightforward, utilising a foaming D4 adhesive for all joints and edges to provide a water resistant deck. The coating ensures that the particleboard retains its structural integrity, to last the lifetime of the house. On completion surplus adhesive to the joints needs to be removed and the board surface cleaned down. This then becomes the finished surface for hand over to the client, ready for floor coverings.

Trade Fabrication Systems offer a wide range of domestic floor coatings. In addition to the original stippled grey, Tradecoat PU is also available in a clear finish. More recent introductions include a range of surface patterns. These offer a more homogenous finish, for consistency of appearance on site between production batches. All have independent BBA testing in support of the performance. For house building applications where speed of clean up is of prime importance, TFS also manufacture a peel clean floor system solution.

Typical Applications

  • New build house floors
  • Multi-usage timber framed buildings
  • Modular buildings

Market Sectors

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