Slip Resistant Coatings

Product Features

  • Highly durable, supported by independent certification for slip and wear resistance
  • Factory applied high performance coatings for consistency
  • Available in clear finish or various colours
  • Available on particleboard, plywood, MDF, OSB and cement based boards
  • Slip resistant finish ideal for pallet tops
  • Certified to BS 7976-2:2002 as Low Slip Potential in wet and dry conditions by UKAS Approved testing facility
  • Available as a smooth or ‘textured’ surface treatment
  • Coatable with suitable maintenance finishes

Product Details

Trade Fabrication Systems has long been associated with slip resistant coatings for a wide range of substrates. Health and safety is always a prime consideration, making TFS’s range perfect for numerous applications. This is particularly the case for both commercial environments and the house building markets. In addition, this experience and technology is now utilised for new and emerging market sectors.

TFS slip resistant coatings for the commercial floor market are hard wearing and also available as a decorative finish. Applications include clear UV lacquers for mezzanine decking, retail flooring and warehouses. All are independently certified for wear and slip resistance. Read more details here.

Slip resistant coatings for the domestic house building market must also be tough, hard wearing and create a safe working platform. TFS Tradecoat PU coatings are designed to withstand intensive site traffic and protect against site spoil during construction. They are also weatherproof and can be exposed during the building process for a minimum of 42 days as certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification. Click here for more details.

Temporary floor protection with slip resistant coatings

TFS expertise in slip resistant coatings is now applied to an innovative solution – a temporary floor protection overlay system. A PU coating is factory applied to plywood or MDF structural panels. Delivered to site ready for use, the panels can be rapidly installed to provide a durable surface with anti-slip properties when dry or wet. Slip resistant coatings can also be applied to exterior grade plywood available, creating a temporary site protection overlay. This is particularly suitable for public walkways that may also be exposed to the weather. It is also ideal for garden or landscaped areas during construction work.

Slip resistant coatings for exterior decking

Timber Decking has become very popular for use in both domestic and commercial situations due to its ‘natural’ appearance. However, over time this can become a major slip hazard. It also requires regular maintenance to retain its appearance. In response, TFS has developed TradeDek AS, specially formulated for decking to provide a cost effective solution. TradeDek AS is independently certified to achieve a low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions.

Unlike other methods of providing slip resistance, TradeDek AS does not become contaminated with dirt and algae and can also be washed and over painted with appropriate decorative preservatives. The result is a high performance coating that allows the decking to be safely used all year round. TradeDek AS slip resistant coatings can also be utilised on pallet tops and for packing case floors. This helps to prevent goods slipping during transit and offers additional grip during loading and unloading.

Typical Applications

  • Mezzanine Systems
  • Retail and Warehouse Flooring
  • New build house floors
  • Temporary Site Protection
  • Softwood / Hardwood Decking
  • Pallet Tops
  • Packing Case Floors

Market Sectors

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