Decorative/Preservative Coatings

Product Features

  • Factory applied consistent finish, ready for use
  • Water based range of internal and external finishes
  • Attractive, UV cured finishes for internal use
  • Weather and slip resistant finishes for external use
  • Unique preservative finish, resistant to fungus, spores, algae and rot
  • Suitable substrates plywood, OSB, MDF, cementitious boards, modified timbers, timber cladding and decking
  • Wide choice of colours and clear finishes, subject to availability

Product Details

Making a statement or big impression is made easy when you use TFS decorative and preservative coatings. Whether you need to create a bold expression using colour, or enhance the natural beauty of wood, we have a product to meet your needs. Fashions are always changing and environmental considerations have introduced challenging requirements. To cope with this churn, coatings manufacturers have developed high quality, factory applied decorative and preservative coatings, for guaranteed consistency and performance.

Using state of the art technology Trade Fabrication Systems is able to provide a range of decorative and preservative coatings that include environmentally friendly water based paint, stains, oils and UV cured acrylics suitable for a diverse range of client’s substrate materials. Potential applications are only limited by your imagination – in both interior and exterior environments.

Revealing hidden beauty with interior decorative coatings

Factory applied decorative coatings deliver a level of finish quality that is simply not attainable when done post installation. TFS coatings are consistently applied using BS EN ISO9001:2015 quality assured processes. Time is saved with the speed and ease of installation. Finishes are not contaminated by dust, reducing costly delays.

Typical uses include domestic, commercial and retail premises. These finishes are hard wearing and have slip resistant properties. Where colour is demanded, TFS can apply decorative coatings in a wide choice of RAL colours. This includes an exclusive glitter finish for applications where an eye catching impression is required. The colour choice extends to TFS pre-finished doors, which deliver a time saving and durable solution to complement modern living – with no mess or dust contamination on site. From clear lacquers on retail display units to bold colours on v-slot MDF panels for garden rooms, TFS has the solution for your project. Incorporating a peel off protective film, to safeguard your investment until project hand over, is an additional option.

Exterior decorative and preservative coatings

Decorative finishes are not simply limited to interior applications. Exterior projects can also benefit from the use of highly attractive, eye catching and colourful coatings. The TFS range of decorative and preservative coatings are designed to enhance and retain the appearance of timber, whilst withstanding the extremes of snow, rain, wind and sun. TFS pre-finished hoardings offer significant time and cost saving advantages over traditional construction site perimeter solutions. TradeDek AS is a clear, slip resistant coating specially formulated to retain the natural appearance of timber decking. It also does not become contaminated with with dirt and algae.

TFS also offer a range of preservative coatings. This includes SiOO:X, a natural and environmentally friendly solution developed in Sweden. This unique preservative coating is based upon naturally occurring mineral silicon in a VOC free water based solution. Once the coating has penetrated the timber, a natural chemical reaction takes place over the first few months, producing a protective layer with an even, silver-grey patina and without having to re-apply year after year. The damaging effects of the weather, sunlight, fungal penetration and decay are also avoided. The preservative coating is applied under fully controlled factory conditions and is highly suitable for both commercial and public buildings, in addition to domestic applications.

Contact TFS for more information on any of our decorative and preservative coatings, or to discuss your project requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Wall Panelling
  • Site Perimeter Hoardings
  • Domestic and Commercial Internal Doors
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Retail Display Units
  • Softwood and Hardwood Timber Cladding
  • Timber Decking
  • Timber Structures
  • Marine Cladding and Decking

Market Sectors

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