Pre-Finished Hoardings

Product Features

  • Ready to fit and use immediately
  • Saves valuable labour time and money on site
  • Superior finish and appearance
  • Factory controlled coatings for added durability
  • Environmentally friendly non-solvent coatings
  • 100% reusable for multiple projects
  • Full refurbishment service available
  • Available in any RAL colour or to client specification

Product Details

Creating a corporate, secure construction site perimeter is now more cost effective and sustainable thanks to TFS pre-finished hoardings. This innovative solution offers significant advantages over traditional construction site installations where posts, rails and panels have to be painted in situ. Pre-finished hoardings also ideally complement on ground hoarding applications.

Save time and money with pre-finished hoardings

Traditionally, hoardings are erected on site and then painted to provide weather protection and a more pleasing appearance. Under coats and top coats require time to dry properly to be effective. This takes valuable labour and drying time, which can be extended by bad weather. Additionally panel edges are often not coated, which can compromise the panel integrity. Time is money and by using Trade Fabrication Systems’ pre-finished hoardings, you can save both.

Client choice of substrate – predominantly plywood or OSB – is subject to quality controlled factory application, which delivers a superior and consistent coating complying with the coating manufacturer’s specification. The result is professional, reflecting corporate branding and image, as well as offering exceptional long term protection against the elements. All edges are coated to ensure a long life and optimum durability. Once delivered to site only fitting is required, so installation is rapid.

Pre-finished hoardings for environmental sustainability

Panels can be finished in any RAL colour or to client specification, supplied nationwide via our panel product distribution partners. They are also perfect for use with personalised branding and graphics, raising the profile of the construction site. Pre-finished hoardings are ideal for use with on ground clamping systems. This makes them 100% reusable, to be recycled for project after project. This is not only cost effective, it offers a high level of environmental sustainability with wastage dramatically reduced. If any panels are scratched or defaced, TFS offer a refurbishment service. Simply return the panels when the project is finished, have them restored to an ‘as new’ condition and they are ready to go again.

TFS can also apply a fire retardant coating for interior hoardings. This is the perfect solution for site extensions or renovations with exacting safety standards demanded, particularly in public areas. Whatever the application, TFS pre-finished hoardings deliver a superior finish, coupled with cost and time saving benefits.

Typical Applications

  • Exterior Site Protection
  • Interior Screens
  • Crowd Control
  • Temporary Public Walkways
  • Building Extensions & Renovations

Market Sectors

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