Peel Off Protective Film

Product Features

  • Tough scratch resistant surface suitable for temporary protection to floor, wall or ceiling panels
  • Provides a high level of water resistance even when used in horizontal applications
  • Film is easily removed on completion of installation
  • No adhesive residue left on surface of coating
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable film
  • Suitable for many substrates including MDF, Particleboard, OSB, Plywood, GRP and Metal Sheeting
  • Saves time, effort and money in replacement panels and delayed completions
  • Tape available to protect joints / abutments during fit-out
  • Available in a range of colours

Product Details

Peel off protective film from TFS is the perfect solution for any project where you need to carefully protect decorative surfaces up to the point of handover on site. Trade Fabrication Systems fully understands the importance of presentation for such products. This self adhesive peel off protective film ensures you retain a first class finish – every time.

Peel off protective film safeguards your investment

No matter how much care you take, decorative surfaces can be so easy to damage during handling. Transport, storage and installation damage can ruin the appearance of the finished effect. It can also cause untold hassle with deadlines whilst you repair the damage. Having to replace your product can add significant costs for both materials and the resulting delay. Particularly if the finish is bespoke to the client or project. Peel off protective film withstands the inevitable knocks and scratches, saving you time and money. Ideal when ordered in combination with TFS’s wide range of pre-coated decorative finishes, for complete peace of mind.

Pristine results with peel off protective film

The peel off protective film is applied to pre-coated smooth surfaces in the Trade Fabrication Systems factory. Whether the decorative surface has a high gloss decorative coating or attractive UV lacquer, the self adhesive film instantly provides a protective barrier against scratches. Once the decorative panel is installed, the easy release film is simply peeled away, without leaving any unsightly adhesive residue behind. The result is a pristine finish for any wall, floor or ceiling panel and a very happy client.

Supplied in plain white as standard, peel off protective film is also available in other colours subject to minimum order. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including residential and commercial building projects, fit out of modular buildings or park homes and exhibition stand building. In fact anywhere that temporary protection of decorative finishes is essential.

Typical Applications

  • Decorative Flooring
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Pre-Finished Doors
  • Decorative Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • Coated and Raw Metal Sheeting

Market Sectors

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