Roof Coatings

Product Features

  • Black ‘water resistant’ coating with ‘Peel Off' film
  • Quick and easy fix – used with joint strips to provide speedy weather resistance
  • Suitable substrates include Plywood, OSB and Cementitious boards
  • Provides a high level of water resistance
  • Film is easily removed prior to application of external membrane
  • Ideal for use with self-adhesive felt and membranes
  • Tape available to protect joints/abutments during fit-out
  • Saves time, effort and costs caused through water penetration

Product Details

TFS high performance roof coatings are designed primarily for use in the sectional build and traditional flat roof markets. The UK’s weather is unpredictable. So it is important that structural roof deck boards are weather tight as quickly as possible. The advent of modern roofing membranes has helped to address this issue. However, these are often expensive and require specialist skills to facilitate the installation. In response to this, Trade Fabrication Systems offer a purpose made solution.

Water resistant and easy to fit roof coatings

TFS roof coatings can be applied to a wide range of suitable substrates, including plywood, OSB and cementitious boards.  They are ideally used with British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved OSB roof boards. Boards are factory coated for optimum consistency. Fabrication consists of a black water resistant coating to the face and edges, plus a thin peel off transparent film. This offers additional weather protection for the coated board prior to installation of the external membrane. The result is a single operation, quick and easy to fit solution that is instantly water resistant. Compared with the alternative of using uncoated boards and a separate waterproofing layer, significant savings in time and money are achieved.

Once installed, the roof coatings provide a high level of water resistance until final fix of the outer membrane. The protective film is easy to peel off, or can be burnt off during torching. Heating reactivates the adhesive properties in the coating, assisting the application of traditional roof felt. Trade Fabrication Systems roof coatings are also highly suitable for use with self adhesive felt. To complete the system solution approach, TFS also offer a range of self adhesive waterproof tapes to protect joints during the fit out process.

Typical Applications

  • Traditional Flat Roofing
  • Sectional Building Roofing
  • Agricultural / Livestock Buildings

Market Sectors

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