Class 0 Foils

Product Features

  • Permanent bond Silver and White class 0 Foil
  • Certified performance on a range of substrates including Particleboard, Plywood and MDF
  • System solution includes the availability of self-adhesive Class 0 tape
  • Panels can be supplied with foil to bottom surface and pre-decorated or slip resistant coating to top surface
  • Factory application to ensure consistent performance and peace of mind

Product Details

Class 0 foil products deliver a major contribution towards fire safety in commercial and residential buildings. As health and safety is the construction professional’s primary focus, using such products is essential. Nowhere is safety more prevalent than in the reduction of fire hazards, particularly as fires can have such catastrophic consequences.

Fire safety in residential and commercial premises is covered by The Building Regulations 2010, with practical guidance provided in Approved Document B Volumes 1 and 2. Details of fire spread and internal wall and ceiling lining materials are in section B2. Section B3 covers structural floors. Furthermore, materials should resist the spread of flames over their surfaces and minimise the rate of heat release or fire growth if ignited. The document classifies performance based upon tests in BS 476 Part 6 and Part 7. This covers fire propagation and surface spread of flame respectively. Consequently, materials that are classified as Class 0 offer the highest level of protection.

Class 0 foil with independent fire certification

Trade Fabrication Systems offer fire retardant foils that are factory bonded to a range of substrates to achieve BS 476 Class 0 certification. These include particleboard, plywood and MDF. Performance is fully supported by independent fire certification carried out by Exova Warringtonfire. Exova Warrington is a respected world leader in providing certification in support of fire safety.

The range includes permanently bonded Class 0 silver and white foil. They can also be combined with TFS’s slip resistant and decorative coatings to the top surface, particularly in mezzanine floor applications. It is also highly suitable for wall and ceiling panel applications. In addition, TFS also supply self adhesive Class 0 tape for a complete system solution. Whether your application is mezzanine flooring, internal panels for portable buildings or specialist construction, pre-bonded Class 0 foil delivers high performance and peace of mind.

Typical Applications

  • Mezzanine Floor Decks
  • Temporary / Permanent Grandstand Seating Assemblies
  • Wall Panels
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Portable Buildings

Market Sectors

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