Almost Business as Usual at TFS

Almost Business as Usual at TFS

The Minister for Business and Finance, Nadhim Zahawi recently columned an article in The Telegraph explaining that the construction industry is an example of work that should continue, amidst the current economic climate the UK finds itself in.

There are some jobs that cannot be done from home and, coined key by the Government, one of these is to ensure designated construction projects reach completion if possible.

At TFS, we are operational and will continue to be so for as long as our clients need us or until the government advise otherwise.

Working together with our business-to-business partners, TFS is collaborating with the industry to support the delivery of key projects whilst safeguarding the health of our valuable workforce.

We are operating a team of skeleton staff to ensure that we can maintain and fulfil orders to meet client requirements. We have put relevant safety precautions in place to make sure our staff are observing social distancing and we are monitoring the situation closely day by day as we continue to abide by government advice.

Now more than ever, offsite processing can offer favourable benefits to the construction industry – reducing the number of people needed on site at any given time, whilst ensuring quality, consistency and in the case of FR coatings and pre-machining of fire doors, compliance. Offsite processing gives the construction industry the peace of mind it needs right now to finalise the fundamental projects and keep the supply chain moving.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Thank you to our clients for their ongoing support in these trying times. We need to take things day by day and do our best to keep the country moving in the safest possible way.

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