Why we’re investing in apprenticeships

Why we’re investing in apprenticeships

Our long term growth and development strategy has seen us invest in service offering, machinery infrastructure and, most importantly, team members.

Now, we’re taking this one step further…

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, which was last week, we are pleased to announce that we will be expanding our workforce with the recruitment of several apprentices.

Apprenticeships are an exciting opportunity for both employer and employee, and in this instance, our apprentices will be helping us to deliver KPIs and support our future.

To date, we have encouraged our members of staff to complete any relevant qualifications or training, allowing them to enhance their skills which subsequently support our business activities. Putting this determination and drive into an apprenticeship programme, we’re looking to match our business mind-set and ethos with like-minded individuals to offer training, mentoring and business development opportunities for budding employees.

Team development is not just about skills, but attitude and ethos are incredibly important to us. Howard Morris, Managing Director at Trade Fabrication Systems, explains: “Apprenticeships are a great way to bolster a person’s career by giving them on-the-job training that is specific and relevant to their preferred field. At TFS, training has been a major factor in the development of our workforce, and we have ensured all members of staff achieve the goals they want to meet. We’re thrilled to bring motivated and enthusiastic people on board at such an exciting time for the business to develop their skills and support our growth strategy.”

The apprentices joining TFS will be following the Lean Manufacturing Apprentice Scheme, which is a 15 month training programme that focuses on processes and interpersonal skills. These skills, that are required for operatives in multi-faceted manufacturing businesses, will be supported by an external training provider and will result in a Level 2 qualification upon completion.

We are on track to have two or three apprentices joining our ranks by Easter this year.

To find out more about hiring an apprentice, please visit www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/.

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