Behind the scenes at TFS – David Ingham, General Production Assistant

Behind the scenes at TFS – David Ingham, General Production Assistant

As TFS’s longest serving employee, David’s considered part of the furniture of the business and has witnessed all its successes over the last two decades. He joined TFS when it first opened in 1998, and says it’s the variety of work, support from management and family-feel that drive him to work hard every single day. 

He said: “My jobs include packing and loading, taking care of the wagons and making sure the shop floor is tidy, but it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing; I like to be kept busy and whatever job I have on any given day, I enjoy it because I’m working in good team.

“To work here you’ve got to be motivated, flexible and willing to work hard. If you are, you’ll fit right in.”

David has had his share of ups and downs during his time working with TFS. He had a kidney transplant which required extensive treatment, and has lost close members of his family, but says the support from TFS never faulted throughout. 

“I’ve remained so loyal to the company because no matter what I’ve been going through in my personal life, they’ve looked after me,” he said. “Not many people can say they feel entirely secure in their job while they’re struggling in their personal life, but I can.”

And though David has worked with countless different team members over the year, he says everyone in the company works together, as a team, to ensure every working day is a positive one.

He said: “We’re here eight hours a day working closely together, so you forge relationships that are like those you have with your family. Even the people who leave end up coming back, because they miss TFS.”

Ask David what the future holds, and the answer is clear. 

“I’ll be here until I retire,” he said. “Why would I want a job anywhere else when I like what I do every single day?”

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