Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 at TFS

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 at TFS

Did you know that 8th March marks 111 years of International Women’s Day? To celebrate this terrific milestone, we’ve taken the opportunity to talk with two of our excellent employees about what it’s like to be a woman working within the industry, and the opportunities TFS presents to nurture and grow the careers of its female employees. 

“I joined TFS two years ago in August, and it’s safe to say that time flies when you’re having fun and doing a job that you love! Our industry is all about building great working relationships in the workshop and in the office too. Collaboration is an area where women particularly excel, and it’s something I’ve definitely mastered over the 40 years I’ve worked within offsite processing and construction,” explains Maria Wenton, Sales Office Manager. 

“TFS encourages the staff to better themselves and to establish a career which allows them to prosper. As a woman, I am encouraged to harness my natural skills, such as empathy and active listening, and to take part in further training to support my growing ambitions. I am always treated with respect, and in return, I make sure to treat colleagues as they treat me. I particularly love the open-door policy at TFS, which encourages an open and honest culture.”

Maria took the time to reflect on how the industry has developed to support women over her long-spanning career: “It’s definitely got a lot easier to be a woman in our industry. I would advise any woman, at the start of their career, to use the valuable transferable skills from every aspect of their life, whether that’s personal or professional. It’s down to enthusiasm for your job and integrity, if personality shines through and you try your best, you’re going to succeed.” 

Maria is also excited for what the future might look like for her career at TFS and highlighted the guidance she receives: “I would love to get more buying experience, which is something I’ve already started to build on. I work closely alongside our General Manager, Adam, to harness these professional skills. Buying naturally plays into my personality type, as I love a bargain! I would also love to engage in more health and safety and HR opportunities at some stage too. The sky’s the limit at TFS.”

While Maria focuses on sales and the potential to cultivate the business through rapport and essential stakeholder relationships, Charlotte Bagan plays an integral role in the accounting and finance side of the company. As the Assistant Accountant at TFS, Charlotte is new to the position after joining the TFS family in January this year.

“This is my first role in industry, as for the past seven years I’ve been in practice. So far, I’ve had a really positive experience of offsite processing and the exciting and different opportunities the industry presents for women. I’m definitely still learning the ropes, but I’m trying new things every day, which is very important to me.”

“Coming into this role, I would say it’s a totally level playing field, as everyone is given the opportunity to grow into their position and ask questions whenever they need to. Although traditionally, the sector has had a strong male presence, I feel like things are definitely changing. Women shouldn’t be discouraged from applying for a position in this industry as it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s companies like TFS that are driving the change, and it’s clear that the company sees the potential in their employees.”

International Women’s Day: an overview

International Women’s Day takes place annually on 8th March and looks at the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women around the world.

Currently, in its 111th year, you can find out more about Internal Women’s Day by visiting their website


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