Driving Industry Innovation Through Collaboration

Driving Industry Innovation Through Collaboration

As the title suggests, we are incredibly proud of our flexibility at TFS to help timber manufacturers and companies take a base product and either enhance or transform it entirely. Innovation is key within construction and the importance lies within finding new ways to ensure compliance to ever-changing industry regulations, as well as driving efficiencies and value through the supply chain.

One excellent example of this is our long-standing partnership with PFS Coatings. Appreciating the popularity of timber but recognising the challenge of creating fire retardant (FR) solutions that maintain structural integrity, PFS commissioned us to assist with research and development, leading to the launch of ProStructFR®. ProStructFR® has been tried and tested (rigorously) to offer a product that not only meets Euro Class B and C fire classifications, but also ensures the structural integrity of the board remains intact.

Our expertise is in the processing of timber substrates (we leave the manufacturing to our partners), is why PFS Coatings chose us to coat, trial and test ProStructFR® with plywood board in a way that ensures consistency and guarantees performance.

With other fire retardant (FR) methods there are two main challenges that arise when considering compliance. Pressure treatment for example, is one of the most widely used methods. As the board is impregnated with FR treatment in an intense and timely process, ultimately the structural integrity of the board can become compromised. An alternative form is FR surface treatment, which unless applied consistently on-site to the exact thickness tested for compliance, runs the risk of not performing as expected.

Tackling this issue head-on, with PFS we’ve delivered a reliable FR coating solution. By processing ProStructFR® under our ISO 9001: 2015 quality assured processes in an environment which is regularly audited for fire safety standards, we are confident that we can deliver the complete solution to Euro Class B and C compliance. Together we provide the best of both worlds to the construction industry, a plywood board that is guaranteed to deliver fire protection performance while its structural integrity remains fully intact. Available in a clear or white finish and coated to the exact specification when tested on either one or both sides of the board.

With fire, there is zero compromise and quality control is critical. Now, with PFS Coatings’ product and our processing facility, the industry will benefit from absolute peace of mind with the minimum of offsite fuss.

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