IRO Timber Embraces Wellness in Nature at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

IRO Timber Embraces Wellness in Nature at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We truly believe that collaboration is the key to industry innovation. Which is one of the reasons why, when given an opportunity to offer our processing services to BSW Timber and in order to develop an interior and exterior cladding/decking solution that would add aesthetic value, improve the longevity of the substrate and embrace natural performance benefits – we knew we wanted to help!

As the UK’s largest sawmilling business, BSW Timber saw advantage in the opportunity to embrace the natural aesthetic of wood in an intricate and innovative way. Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese method of Yakisugi, which uses heat to enhance a timber substrate, BSW Timber, working in partnership with TFS, developed a solution to deliver the seven-step process that is scalable for mainstream manufacture.

IRO Timber is a revolutionary range of decorative cladding and decking products developed by BSW and processed at our ISO 9001:2015 facility. The wood substrate is heat enhanced to create a rustic design, then brushed to form an enhanced grain. Subsequently processed in our Warrington-based factory with a uniquely formulated water based wax, the wax is applied in a range of colour options to reveal the distinctive grain patterns in the wood, thereby embracing the natural aesthetic appearance.

Due to its natural and rustic appearance, IRO Timber was recently chosen to play a part in the LAND installation at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. A joint venture by Laura Slater and The Plant Room, saw the development of an immersive installation that encouraged visitors to acknowledge the importance of nature in creativity and wellbeing. The installation consisted of a covered structure, housing textile and botanical collections inspired by Japanese architectural simplicity.

Howard Morris, Managing Director at Trade Fabrication Systems, commented: “We worked closely with BSW to bring IRO Timber to market. The result has enabled the timber industry to embrace the natural aesthetic of wood, combining colour, structural integrity and the integral benefits of heat enhancement – within a controlled factory environment; to provide consistency and quality throughout.”

The collaboration with RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the team at LAND have emphasised the versatility of the IRO range and champions both our and BSW Timber’s commitment to providing sustainable and distinctive products for the timber industry.

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