Make A Mezzanine Statement

Make A Mezzanine Statement

Mezzanine floors have become the norm in many industrial and commercial units, thanks to their ability to easily increase available storage space. Due to changes in the marketplace and the rise of internet shopping, the demand for mezzanine flooring options has risen alongside it.

At TFS, we have been supplying the industry with offsite commercial flooring solutions for nigh on twenty years. Yet, many facilities managers and clients are unaware of the potential of pre-finished mezzanine coatings.

Although TFS is the processing partner for key suppliers of mezzanine floor panels into the market, we want to share the options available to help the industry explore the capabilities of processing mezzanine flooring solutions – embracing durable surface coatings that are health and safety compliant and attractive.

To assist in this objective, we have created sample boards to demonstrate the different surface finishes, colours and benefits that can be utilised by the 38mm particleboard mezzanine market. Both in new build and refurbishment situations, TFS has a range of economical, high performance solutions.

Available on request, the sample boards can help specifiers and installers alike to consider the types of finishes we can process, in a tangible way. All of these options are produced off site at our ISO EN 9001:2015 Quality Audited facility to ensure consistency and compliance in a ready to install panel – be that new 38mm flooring or prefinished ‘overlay’ boards to effectively upgrade or refurbish existing installations.

We have the ability to add value to 38mm mezzanine boards with highly durable solutions that have been independently certified for slip and wear resistance. Ideal for environments that require high performing flooring solutions, slip resistance is vital to ensure the safety of staff and products.

Supporting the safety of building occupants, we are also able to offer mezzanine flooring solutions that are certified for use via BS476 Class O and European Class B standards. With silver or white fire retardant foil processed to the underside of the boards, the solutions not only adhere to fire regulations, but also help to enhance the light in a facility – creating a comfortable working environment.

Health and safety is an integral factor when considering a mezzanine floor, but additionally, its performance and aesthetics benefits can create a comfortable and attractive environment for staff and visitors. We can process mezzanine floors with a smooth or textured surface, in clear or grey finishes as standard. But, other colours are available depending on client specification.

Essentially, TFS provides effective mezzanine floor solutions – whether that be for new installations of factory finished 38mm panels or the refurbishment of existing floors with prefinished overlay boards.  If this sounds too good to be true (it’s not!), get in touch with us today to request a mezzanine sample board, via email or call us on, +44 (0)19 5282 1199.

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