Streamlining site programmes with pre-bonded breathable membranes…

Streamlining site programmes with pre-bonded breathable membranes…

As a sustainable offsite construction technique, timber frame, particularly in housebuilding, has grown exponentially over the years.

Offering a solution to address the nation’s housing shortages, timber frame’s speed of construction supports efficient yet effective house building.

Developing a method to streamline the build process even further, TFS has introduced an offsite solution that has been designed to save even more time and drive additional efficiencies on-site…

In housebuilding, breathable membranes play a valuable role in protecting timber frame structures. During construction, a breathable membrane can be used as a temporary measure to offer protection against external elements such as weather and dust. In the long term, the layer can enhance the building’s performance and plays a role in making homes more energy-efficient.

Although an important part of construction, the installation of a breathable membrane is a time consuming and labour intensive task. Installation on-site can run the risk of the membrane getting damaged, not being fitted correctly or having an impact on timescales.

That’s where we come in!

When installing a breathable membrane, it’s essential that it will perform as expected, but also, we recognise that the build programme is on a tight schedule.

This is why we have pioneered the development of pre-bonded breathable membrane panels.

Factory bonded offsite, here at TFS we apply the membrane to direct to timber panels consistently and efficiently. Ensuring effectiveness, airtightness and protection, factory bonded panels can not only drive efficiencies on-site but also reduce the risk of damage and maintain performance.

Timber panels arrive at site ready for immediate installation, saving valuable time during construction and helping the project to be more cost-effective by reducing the need for additional tradespeople.

To find out more about TFS’ solutions for pre-bonded breathable membranes, please click here.

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