Facilitating project delivery with increased flexibility

Facilitating project delivery with increased flexibility

Despite its resilience, over the last 12 months the UK’s supply chain has faced pressures from all areas. Not only from the nationwide lockdown but also as a direct result of logistics issues at British ports because of Brexit.

The popularity of timber construction for its versatility and speed of installation has resulted in increased demand at plywood mills. However, due to the effects of the first lockdown, many are still working at reduced production capacities whilst catching up with demand.

With this having an influence on the speed and availability of materials, the UK construction industry is facing increased and, in some cases, uncertain lead times of timber substrates – leading to some projects overrunning their initial time frames.

Recognising these pressures, here at TFS we have a solution… we’re able to support the industry to keep projects moving forward by pre-finishing raw substrates.

Sending raw materials to us, we offer a range of timber processing solutions that will not only save time, but add value, improve quality and reduce the risk of onsite damage.

You may be asking how? We’ll tell you…

With the ability to house stock at our Warrington facility until it’s ready to be processed, merchants or contractors can send their raw materials to us. Depending on specification and timeframe, our flexibility and adaptability will help to make time up on projects.

For example, if a site needs hoarding panels – we’re able to pre-finish to any RAL colour, weatherproof the substrate and ship out to site for immediate installation – getting a site operational even quicker.

For doors, we can take the blank and all the finishing labour off your hands. From priming to protecting, pre-finishing and pre-machining… doors leave our factory wrapped and ready to hang.

To find out more about our processing solutions, or to save time with raw materials… get in touch with us today!

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