TFS Introduces Offsite Solution for Acoustic Panelling

TFS Introduces Offsite Solution for Acoustic Panelling

– Decorative Performance Panelling for Noise Reduction Applications –

As part of its ongoing investment programme, the UK’s leading processor of wood-based panel products, Trade Fabrication Systems (TFS), has recently expanded its service offering to provide B2B partners with an offsite solution for acoustic panelling – saving time and adding value.

Significant investment in machining capabilities has enabled TFS to launch this new off-site finishing process which delivers aesthetically driven, acoustic panelling for sound absorption applications.

Building flexibility into the supply chain, B2B partners can supply TFS with veneered MDF or plywood panels which are then fully processed at its Warrington base to include cutting to size, machining, drilling or routing. The panels are then factory finished with UV lacquer, paints or stains and finished on the reverse with acoustic fleece or matting. Delivering a one-stop-shop solution that will not only perform but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Where fire protection is required, TFS can also apply factory apply fire retardant treatments, including ProStructFR and Noburn FR, to the acoustic panels. These fire-retardant coatings, which are applied under strict factory conditions audited under the auspices of EN ISO 9001-2015 and WPA Benchmark Quality controls, have been independently tested and certified to deliver Euro Class B performance.

“Acoustic panels are becoming increasingly common, particularly in facilities with large open spaces like schools or gyms. To build value into the supply chain for specialist panel partners and to enhance the final application, we have developed a process that takes a traditionally plain panel and transforms it into a decorative statement piece that performs acoustically. Removing the need to finish or coat on-site, our acoustic panel processing saves time and adds value.”


“As the supply chain is experiencing delays in product availability of raw materials, we’re giving panel partners the ability to build back time lost in the construction process. Remaining flexible to the needs of our customers, our acoustic panels can be supplied to client timeframe requirements, and by taking the labour intensity offsite we can ensure they have a product that is ready for immediate installation on-site.”

To find out more about TFS and its processing solutions for acoustic panelling please visit:

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