TFS launches TradeCoat ProteX for new build housing

TFS launches TradeCoat ProteX for new build housing

Patented peel clean technology delivers BBA certified weather protection for floors

Trade Fabrication Systems (TFS), the UK’s leading processor of wood-based panel products, has launched TradeCoat ProteX – an advanced peel clean flooring system for new build housing. With BBA certification and patented edge seal technology, TradeCoat ProteX is an efficient offsite processing solution which delivers the most robust peel clean protection on the market. 

TFS continually innovates its off-site solutions to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. Howard Morris, Managing Director, TFS, was involved in the original concept of peel clean flooring back in the early 1980s. Having led the development of TradeCoat ProteX, he explains why peel clean flooring continues to deliver the most cost effective solution for housebuilders: “Since it was first launched, peel clean has been used in more than five million UK homes, saving housebuilders time and money in ‘pre-hand’ over cleaning of their floors, and at the same time providing weather protection to exposed boards during the build process.

“We’ve invested in the continuous development of our peel clean flooring systems, which means they have kept pace with industry advances over the years. TradeCoat ProteX is the latest of these innovations.” 

The culmination of over two years’ research and development, TradeCoat ProteX builds on the company’s longstanding peel clean flooring systems by increasing BBA Certified approval for weather exposure from 42 to 60 days. The substrates for which TradeCoat ProteX is approved have also expanded to include OSB alongside existing particleboard and plywood options. 

Responding to flexibility in on-site methods, TradeCoat ProteX provides robust protection whether D4 foaming adhesive or tape is used to install internal floors. Preventing the protective film from lifting at the edges, TradeCoat ProteX’s patented seal technology is designed to preserve weather resistance. This edge seal also reduces trip hazards while the floor is in use during the build process. Once the home reaches completion, the specially designed protective film is easily removed to deliver a clean floor ready for handover. 

Howard concludes: “Peel clean systems remain the most cost-effective solution for keeping floors tidy, safe and weather protected while new homes are under construction. With the development of TradeCoat ProteX, we’re giving housebuilders access to enhanced peel clean performance backed up by BBA certification, which ultimately provides peace of mind that floors will remain protected until the point of handover.”

To find out more about TFS’ peel clean flooring systems and patented technology, please visit 

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