Timber Processing Puts Plastic in its Place

Timber Processing Puts Plastic in its Place

In recent years, the rise of plastic composite products has given consumers the opportunity to embrace a natural timber look, without the duty of care needed to prolong its appearance.

However, thanks to advancements in modern timber technologies and processing investments, here at TFS we’ve helped to buck the plastic trend and put timber back on the agenda.

At UK Construction Week, we showcased our collaboration with BSW Timber on stand and were genuinely shocked by how many times we were asked if IRO Timber was plastic (yes, at the timber show…). So, we’re setting the record straight- here’s a quick guide that explains why timber decking and cladding is now punching above plastic’s weight.



Our investment in processing techniques has made a traditional and time-consuming process of heat enhancing wood for longevity and appearance scalable for mainstream manufacture. So, it looks like wood, because it is wood! Heat enhanced and brushed by BSW Timber and coated at our facility, IRO’s appearance is guaranteed to last for at least 5 years due to its factory finish and natural processing!


Low Maintenance

Advancements in timber technology and working in collaboration with industry partners has enabled the development of decking and cladding that not only looks good but that also performs. The coating process has made it possible that IRO Timber is as low maintenance as its plastic counterparts, maybe even more so as IRO is self-cleaning…



Unlike its plastic counterparts, timber is a natural product. Sourced sustainably the product satisfies aesthetic requirements whilst being environmentally friendly.


IRO Timber has provided the industry with an opportunity to introduce a low-maintenance, natural product into architectural design for both the internal and external space. So, just because it looks great, doesn’t mean it’s plastic!

To find out more about our relationship with BSW Timber, view our recent blog or visit www.irotimber.co.uk.

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