Top Five Benefits of Offsite Processing

Top Five Benefits of Offsite Processing

According to Chinese philosophy, everything we know as the universe is made up of five key elements – metal, wood, water, fire and earth. But the number five comes up quite a lot in our daily lives, we have five senses, five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot…

Appreciating the importance of the number five and truly believing that wood is one of the fundamental elements of the universe, we started to think about the five key ways in which wood is enhanced through offsite processing…


  • Quality

Within construction, quality is everything and sometimes mistakes happen which can result in a delay on site. By embracing an offsite processing partner such as TFS, all substrates are finished to a factory standard under ISO 9001:2015 quality assured processes, meaning the finished products arrive at site completed to a consistent, high quality standard.


  • Efficiency

Speed of completion is one thing that all construction projects strive for. An offsite processor is able to complete the timber substrates to specification away from the site and hold in stock until the build is ready for the installation of the products. Allowing pre-finished items to be installed quicker and easier.


  • Increased Choice

With a market leading service offering and product range that specialises in enhancing timber substrates, the supply chain can access an increased choice of textured finishes, range of colours, machining potential and more, on a JIT basis.


  • Performance Benefits

B2B processors not only support the enhancing of client products, but additionally work on delivering innovative solutions to stringent industry requirements. For example, the performance of fire retardant coatings – unless coated to the official specification within a controlled environment when tested – cannot be guaranteed. Whereas, ProStructFR® factory applied offsite – assures performance.



  • Cost Effectiveness

Finally, offsite processing offers opportunities for contractors and merchants to become more cost effective overall. Reducing stock mess and mistakes, coupled with increased choice and added value for end users, the speed and accuracy of offsite processing will save clients’ time and money every time.


To find out more about the services TFS offers and how we can support your supply chain to become more cost effective, please visit

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