Twenty One Years of TFS

Twenty One Years of TFS

Can you remember what you were doing 21 years ago? Google had just been launched, transforming the way we search for things online and the £2 coin had been released into circulation. We remember 1998 for different reasons – it was the year that we opened our doors and began trading.

After 21 years, we are now the UK’s leading B2B processor of coated and laminated wood based products. In celebration of our twenty first birthday, we have undertaken an extensive investment programme incorporating additional machinery, enhanced service offering and increased staff levels to ensure we are providing our business-to-business customers with the best solutions for pre-finishing and off-site services.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing for us. Like many businesses, we were stung by the effects of the 2007/2008 recession. But, like anything in life, we learnt from this experience and proceeded on a journey to stabilise growth by undertaking a diversification strategy.

Our now Managing Director, Howard Morris, joined the business in 2009 to action this strategy. Using his experience of the construction and timber industry, Howard helped to review the status and direction of the company and implemented the strategy to become a one-stop-shop for supply partners to utilise off-site manufacturing.

The key to becoming the processing partner of choice is adaptability and innovation. Understanding that off-site manufacturing has become the go-to solution for many builders’ merchants and housebuilders’, TFS responded to that demand and can offer a complete service from machining, coating and packaging to client specification.

Having achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality assured accreditation and being in the process of completing a £500,000 investment in technology and machinery at the TFS facility, we are celebrating our 21st year in business in style. With a team of long-serving dedicated employees who are actively motivated to do their best, it is an incredibly exciting time for the business and with the knowledge, the skill and the machinery, our 21st birthday has become a major milestone that will withstand the test of time.

Find out what it’s like to work at TFS, direct from one of our longest-serving employees here.

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