Behind the scenes at TFS – Arthur Stachurski, warehouse supervisor  

Behind the scenes at TFS – Arthur Stachurski, warehouse supervisor  

Arthur Stachurski, 30 – Warehouse supervisor  

Arthur Stachurski prides himself on ensuring the areas he oversees in the TFS factory run like clockwork – because it’s essential for the success of the business. 

“Lots of different elements have to come together perfectly for the shop floor to run as well as it does,” he said. “I load and unload wagons, prepare items for production, keep the yard and factory floor tidy and keep on top of stock levels. It’s essential that everything is in the right place at the right time to ensure we meet our deadlines and targets, and I enjoy that level of responsibility and keeping organised.”

Arthur moved to England from Poland seven years ago, seeking a more positive career path. He worked as a truck driver for a large household brand before joining TFS in March 2019 as a packing operative. Following the Covid-19 lockdown, he seized the opportunity to demonstrate his credentials and take the next step in his career, and was promoted to a new role. 

He said: “When I became warehouse supervisor, I quickly realised there were some vital processes missing which, if in place, would make the factory more streamlined. I mapped out what could be improved and presented it to my manager, who put his trust in me to get on with it. I oversaw a complete revamp of the company stock and warehouse, which resulted in major improvements in terms of space, time and expense – and I really enjoyed the challenge. 

“To work here you need to be a hard worker, be a self-starter and work well in a team because we all rely on one another to get the job done. Back in Poland I worked for some terrible organisations, but this is the first place I’ve had full support from management who appreciate the team’s hard work. They give everybody a chance to progress – as long as you show you want it.”

Having recently completed his management training, Arthur is positive about his future with TFS and encourages other people to snap up the same opportunities he’s had. 

“I always like to look ahead to the next steps,” he said. “I came to the UK to improve my private life and working here has enabled me to do that. I’m hungry for new challenges and I know I’ll be able to carve out a great future with the support of TFS.”

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